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Ideas, Inspiration and Strategies to Step Into Your Authentic Self, Find Genuine Power, Feel Self-Confident, Find Your True Purpose!

I believe it is incredibly important to recognise that we are all connected, to look at how we can support and help one another from a place of love. For people to step into their genuine, authentic power, to have the courage to live a fearless life.


[Andrew Pancholi] Forecasting Wars, Pandemics & Markets

There are patterns everywhere in nature & in daily life. Understanding our personal patterns offers us a powerful choice – to keep or change them. Patterns exist in a much wider context. Andrew Pancholi and I will be discussing the modern day revolution, exploring the patterns in world events including the way modern events are tied in with those from history, how he & his colleagues predicted the pandemic & the conflict in the Ukraine & how human behaviour works on mathematical patterns. Read more

[Andrew Miller] Purpose with a Capital P

Finding our purpose in life & in business can transform our relationship with ourselves, with others & with our business.  Many search for their purpose in life believing it to be a particular role but struggle to define exactly what it is.  Join us as Andrew Miller & I explore the power of purpose & for those of you who are not yet clear what your purpose may be, how to approach finding it.  Learning to live your life and run your business with passion & purpose is a powerful game changer. Read more

[Sherry Gaba] Is It Love Or An Unhealthy Obsession?

Being loved is something which most of us desire but all too often relationships are anything but loving.  How do you know if you are in the right relationship?  What are the signs that you are in the wrong relationship? Why is it that so many people stay in toxic relationships? How do you know if you have become too obsessed in your relationship? These are just a few of the questions that I & my guest Sherry Gaba, a leading expert on love addiction & co-dependency with explore on today’s show. Read more

[Yolanda Trevino] Recovering from Trauma

Partnerships & marriage are ideally based on love. Too many find themselves the victim of toxic relationships which erode their self-confidence and at times put them into physical danger. The statistics are stark but do little to capture the trauma, distress & fear of those on the receiving end of such traumatic experiences. Recovery is possible – my guest Yolanda Trevino is testimony to that. Join us as we discuss how you can recover from trauma & go on to live a happy, productive life. Read more

[Jay Matta] What Gets In The Way Of Your Prosperity?

How prosperous are you? Are your dreams matched by your reality? If not what is getting in the way? Jay Matta & I explore what get in the way of achieving the prosperity you desire. Discover how as creators of our own destiny it is vital that we raise our vibration and harness the power of their ‘higher self & awaken the voice within in order to optimize success in our business & life. The quality of your life is in your hands – are you the leader of your own life? Read more

[Chris Freer] Chronic Health – Take Back Your Power

Accidents or a chronic health condition can turn your life upside down & leave you feeling helpless and alone. I & my guest Chris Freer have personal experience of such a life changing event. We all have the power to take back control over our health & give ourselves the best opportunity to enjoy life to the full. Chronic conditions plague modern life & the vast majority of them are created by the choices we make. Join us as we explore how to make powerful choices to optimise your health. Read more

[Jay Matta] Secrets to Broadcasting Riches

Achieving & sustaining success in life & in business as we move into a new era of Consciousness requires a very different approach – one based on spiritual awakening, positivity, kindness & hope. It is the greatest antidote to the fear & negativity which surrounds us. Jay Matta & I explore how as creators of our own destiny it is vital that we raise our vibration and harness the power of their ‘higher self & awaken the voice within in order to optimize success in our business & life. Read more

[Russell Cosway] Kindness - The Simplest Business Ethos

The world needs more kindness! The media would have us believe that kindness is in danger of becoming extinct – that it is the exception rather than the rule.  Just consider how different the world would be kindness was the norm.  Ask yourself how kind you are to others & just as important how kind you are to yourself, to others & the environment.  Come & join Russell Cosway and me as we discuss kindness is also an underpinning principle to support success in your business & your life. Read more

[R.Michael Anderson] Levelling Up Your Leadership Mindset

Our mindset determines the quality of every aspect of our lives. Explore how you can choose your mindset & impact on the quality of your life & leadership. My guest Michael Anderson whose latest book ‘Leadership Mindset’ & I look at how stepping into a leadership role isn't simple & in most cases, it isn't natural. To be successful we often have to "un-learn" some of the things which created success initially. Discover how you can create a successful mindset & become a better leader. Read more

[Hatty Fawcett] The Secret To Attracting Investors In Business & In Life

Investing in you is the biggest gift you can give yourself – accelerating progress, deepening understanding & opening up limitless possibilities.  As a business owner, finding the right investors means the difference between your business struggling, trapped by negative cash flow or the inability to grow, leaving it struggling or stagnant rather than successful & thriving.  Guest Hatty Fawcett shares the principles & rules of engagement to help you make a successful pitch to prospective investors. Read more
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