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Ideas, Inspiration and Strategies to Step Into Your Authentic Self, Find Genuine Power, Feel Self-Confident, Find Your True Purpose!

I believe it is incredibly important to recognise that we are all connected, to look at how we can support and help one another from a place of love. For people to step into their genuine, authentic power, to have the courage to live a fearless life.


[Mitali Deypurkaystha] Harnessing The Author Within You

Each of us has a story to tell so why is it important for entrepreneurs and business people to share theirs? In todays’ episode I and Mitali Deypurkaystha (The Authority Creator) explore how becoming an author is so powerful. Think of all the things which had you known them would have saved you time, money, frustration and heartache. Such information has so much to offer others. It creates greater credibility and authority for you and can provide a passive income. Time to get writing! Read more

[Geoff Thompson] Forgiveness & The Divine CEO

Forgiveness has the power to set you free from the trauma and baggage of the past. Forgiveness is not about condoning or forgetting the hurt. It is all about cutting the chains which keep you a prisoner of the past. Just as important is learning to forgive yourself. Where possible to put things right but always to learn the lesson and then forgive. In today’s episode I and my guest the amazing Geoff Thompson explore the metaphysical power of forgiveness, and world healing through self-healing. Read more

[Madeleine Black] Violence & Abuse Don’t Have To Define You

It Is not the challenge which defines us but how we respond to it. Violence, Abuse & bullying often lead to a cycle of even greater violence, abuse & bullying but it doesn’t have to be that way. My guest Madeline Black & I explore how she is living proof that you can not only survive incredibly challenging circumstances but learn to forgive & to thrive. Gang raped by two men at the age of 13 she now works tirelessly to help others tap into their resilience & courage & learn to thrive again. Read more

[Lorraine LaPointe] Moving From Functional to Phenomenal!

Want to live an empowered life? The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our mindset. Being a limitless leader requires you to take control of your life & great care of yourself. The result is great physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health and vitality. I and my guest Loraine LaPointe (creator of the Mindset Fitness Fundamentals Programme) share how you can feel happy & confident personally and professionally, transforming you from being merely functional to phenomenal! Read more

[Michael Losier] Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

When life is challenging it is all too easy to focus exclusively on what is going wrong. The result is that things appear to go from bad to worse. Imagine how it would be if you could consistently attract abundance, love, financial freedom, happiness and fulfilment into your life. My guest Michael Losier is known as the ‘How To’ guy for teaching the ‘Law Of Attraction’. He shares with us how to stop attracting negative things and start attracting what you DO want using the ‘Law of Attraction’ Read more

[Nicole Fortin] Are You The Captain of Your Ship?

Navigating the storms of life can feel overwhelming, making it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed and under-resourced. Read more

[Masami Sato] The Power of Giving in Life and Business

Christmas is a time of giving, the season of goodwill and cheer! There is so much pleasure in giving and receiving a gift which comes with love. Think how different the world would be if every day was filled with the love, compassion, kindness and generosity we associate with Christmas. Read more

[Gill Tiney] The Future: Co-operation & Collaboration

Comparison -itus is at an all time high creating unhappiness, stress & frustration as people believe they fail to make the grade. Competition & division are simply not working. As we move into 2021 it is time for change. Read more

[Paulette Rigo] The Ups & Downs of Relationships

Relationships are hard! Every relationship we have with others is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. Creating & maintaining a loving inter-dependent relationship is the dream and when it goes well it is absolutely wonderful. Tune in as I share principles and strategies to support a loving relationship. Read more

[Rachel Davidson] Learn About Life - A Spiritual Journey

We’re all on a spiritual journey of discovery. Life offers us the opportunity to learn from our experiences. When we ignore the lesson experience offers, life has a way of presenting the lesson over and over again more & more powerfully, until we finally take notice. We also have the opportunity to learn life lessons from others & from literature. Read more
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