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Now, you already know something of me and my work though our recent interactions and have probably got a good idea of how I do what I do, what my perspective is on how to achieve happiness, success and fulfilment and the valuable results of my advice. I wondered, therefore, if you would think of who you know who would also benefit from learning from my wisdom and experience. 

If you would consider doing a promotional communication to your mailing list or an announcement to your blog-readers I would be very grateful.

But more than that, I want to recognise the valuable help you’re giving me. So, I have set up an ‘affiliate’ programme which means that you can earn money for each successful referral you give to me.

  • For referring a new client for my “Enlightened Leadership Programme” you will receive $200 30 days after they’ve signed up and then $100 every month for the next 8 months if they remain in the programme. So, a lovely $1000 in total!

When you refer a new client for either the Enlightened Leadership Programme and they complete the programme you will continue to receive 10% for any further purchases from Genuinely You Ltd.  We plan to run Mastermind Groups, Programmes and Retreats for those who have completed the programme.

  • For referring a new client for my “It’s All About You 1:1 Coaching Programme” you will receive $500 30 days after they’ve signed up for either the 3-month or 6-month programmes and then, for the 6-month programme, another $500 if your referral completes the first 90 days of the programme (so, again, the potential to earn $1000 in total!)
  • For referring a new client for my “Thrive Together Tribe Membership” you will receive $17 30 days after they’ve activated their membership and then $17 every month for the full term of their membership, or for as long as they remain members (paid to you 30 days in arrears). Most Tribe members belong for at least a year, so that could see you earning $204 each year

I’ve put a brief summary of each of the programmes below as this may help you decide who of your friends and family or colleagues might be a good match for my services. 

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If you’ve already got some candidates in mind, then the way to refer them is easy!



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