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Thriving Not Surviving: The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfilment


Life offers lots of challenges, detours and seeming dead ends, these can stop you in your tracks, causing you to get stuck in the morass of feeling overwhelmed or they can act as the impetus to achieve a better way of being. That is where “Thriving Not Surviving” is there to help you. It offers you a SAT NAV to help you reach your deepest desires more easily, and gives you lots of examples of where people, just like you, have used the principles and strategies to navigate their way through life’s challenges.

It is important to remember that you remain in the driving seat. It is up to you how fast you go, where you begin your journey and which elements you want to focus on.

The book can help you to learn to challenge your habitual way of being and how to establish different more empowering approaches.


Thriving Not Surviving Special Color Edition Including 30 Day Journal: The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfilment

"Thriving Not Surviving" is designed to help you get the very best out of life

Life offers lots of challenges, detours and seeming dead ends, these can stop you in your tracks, causing you to get stuck in the morass of feeling overwhelmed or they can act as the impetus to achieve a better way of being. That is where "Thriving Not Surviving" is there to help you. It offers you a SAT NAV to help you reach your deepest desires more easily, and gives you lots of examples of where people, just like you, have used the principles and strategies to navigate their way through life's challenges.


The 7 Day Happiness Challenge: With Bonus 30 Day Journal

How often do you feel unhappy? How about the people around you? Do you listen to the news and despair that there's nothing you can do? Do you feel anxious or depressed? I wonder how many people you know who are currently feeling overwhelmed by what's going on; certainly, many of my clients are. So many of them express the desire to feel happier, more often and for longer

It's one of the reasons why I decided to create the 7 Day Happiness Challenge as I believe that there's so much we can do to feel happier, more contented, more confident about our lives. I set up the seven-day challenge, to share the principles and strategies with you. Each day, I will offer you some strategies to help you feel happier and to maintain that happiness over time. They have been proven to work if you employ them consistently. They may feel a little strange at first - that is because they feel unfamiliar. Like anything - the more you practice the easier they will become


The Change 11: Insights Into Self-empowerment

The Change will explore powerful thought-provoking insights from twenty inspiring co-authors that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life. You will learn how to weather the changes ahead and prosper. Chances are this book contains EXACTLY what you need to take your life to the next level. Inspiring co-authors include: Craig Wayne Boyd, Bob Heron, Gina Gardiner, Jerry M. Tolle Sr., Anna Horst, David Grossman, Kelli Locatelli, Janna Hoiberg, Marco Valerio Ricci, Joy Humbarger, Kimberly Zink, Michael Cole, Renee Dean, Carolyn Rivera, Colleen Williamson, Crystal Areal, Todd Mauney, Devani Freeman, George Lynch, Kasey Higbee



This book is a combination of gripping autobiographical accounts of tough circumstances combined with powerful, practical self-help advice from Gina Gardiner, who overcame adversity when forced to use a wheelchair after a serious ski accident in 1983.

Her leadership role as head teacher of a large primary school at the time was made much tougher as many of the classrooms did not even have wheelchair access. It was imperative Gina looked at the bigger picture in order to overcome the significant challenges facing her and as a consequence she developed ways to motivate and engage staff, encouraging them to be self-reliant and ensuring they understood how to deliver excellence, taking responsibility for their own performance.

Today, Gina is a highly successful and experienced Leadership Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach. She had to learn to walk again as an adult and the fight for better mobility is ongoing. It has given her a unique understanding of how empowering or limiting one's personal beliefs can be, and how they have the power to hold us back or help us forge ahead. A wheelchair can be seen as a significant limitation or as a chariot on fire offering freedom and empowerment. It is all about choice; perspective changes everything.


How YOU Can Manage Your Staff More Effectively: Practical strategies for managers to help get the very best out of their team

Do you manage others at work or are you looking for promotion to a management role? Managing people is a whole different ball game which requires a very different skill set to the success which gave you your promotion.

Managing others can be challenging. Get it wrong and the results can be disastrous, causing lots of stress and aggravation along the way. Get it right and productivity and profitability rise, by managing others effectively you can also save yourself time, money, aggravation and stress.

Ask yourself:
Do you spend time dealing with problems generated with and by your staff?
How effectively do you hold people to account?
Do you hate having those difficult conversations with staff when things go wrong?
Do you worry about managing other people’s emotions?
Are you good at delegating or do you find it quicker to do things yourself?
Do you have the time to manage strategically or are you always fire fighting?


Kick Start Your Career: Practical Ideas and Strategies to Support the Development of Leadership

Whether you are looking for a job or want to make the very best of the position you have, “Kick Start” can help.

“Kick Start Your Career” is designed for people who are ambitious and want to create a successful career for themselves. It is a, no nonsense, jargon free manual full of practical ideas and strategies to help you get the job you want and to make a success of it from day one.

“Kick Start” provides advice and support to help you to manage your time effectively and to become a consummate professional. Everything in the book has been tried and tested in a variety of organizations; it is a distillation of over 30 years experience of developing leadership at every level.

You will find it useful to read the book as part of your preparation for starting your job or as part of your Induction Programme. It is also very useful to use the book as a “How To” guide if you are tackling a new skill, such as giving presentations or chairing a meeting.


Live Well Eat Well With Coeliac (Celiac) Disease: The Complete Guide To Living Well With Coeliac Disease

How to Live Well Eat Well with Celiac Disease by Gina Gardiner is a complete guide to all you need to know about Celiac Disease so those with it can take charge of their condition and live their lives to the full. It is designed to provide a handy source of information about experienced celiacs, restaurants and caterers to dip into as needed for reference.

Have you been diagnosed with Celiac Disease?
What does that mean for you and your family?
What is happening to your body?
Don’t know what to eat?
How do you cope with your diet?
How can you feed the family without cooking separate meals?
What will you tell the family?
Don’t have enough information?
Are you feeling depressed?
Will you ever be able to eat out at friends’ or a restaurant again?
Getting Married? Birthday Parties?


In this book Gina Gardiner will share with you all you need to know to take charge of your condition and live life to the full rather than let your condition control you.




Journey Into The New Era of Profitable Enlightened Leadership: A strategic planner to help you find, define & align yourself as a Profitable Enlightened Leader

This journal planner will help you create profitable success within your business and in life. Using a series of powerful questions, you will be guided through a deep discovery process, helping you to become clearer about who you are, identify your WHY and a pathway to success and fulfilment.

This book guides you through techniques on journaling, brainstorming, reflection, and creativity so that you can become the best version of yourself and inspire others to follow you. You will learn how to uncover ‘treasures’ in your business that go above and beyond ‘bottom line’ financial goals and open up the path to greater profitability.
Your journey to profitable enlightened leadership starts here.


It Is Time To Become A Beacon Of Light & Hope: How To Become An Illuminating Enlightened Leader & Light The Way In Challenging Times

Creating a sense of ‘conscious’ hope is vital in times of challenge. Having hope opens up a future of possibilities, as we are better resourced more resilient and creative when we are able to trust in the future.Enlightened Leaders not only live from a place of ‘conscious’ hope they have the capacity to generate a sense of unity and hope in others. History has proven time and time again the power of hope even in the darkest of times‘It Is Time To Become A Beacon Of Light & Hope’ offers the reader a guide to creating and maintaining hope personally and how to become the illuminating force which lights the way for others. The Activity Journal provides scaffolding to support you in your journey of hope, and your ability to generate hope in others.


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