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Gina Gardiner


Two-Time #1 International Best Selling Author,Inspirational speaker, Master NLP Business, Empowerment and Relationship Coach.




#1 International Best Selling Author,Inspirational speaker, Master NLP Business, Empowerment and Relationship Coach.

Gina is an inspirational, educational and exciting – using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategies and techniques alongside real life experiences, these talks will motivate the audience and equip them with the necessary skills to deal with the challenging issues life brings.

Overcome obstacles and fears with highly inspirational and experienced life and business coach Gina Gardiner.

“The biggest obstacle to our success is not our life situation, environment, education, genetics, time availability, parental support, bank balance or God-given talent – it’s us! 

Our attitude, our thinking, our destructive habits, our excuses, our procrastination, our inability to make significant decisions, our amazing ability to blame, our fears, our pride, our ego, our apathy and our belief are our obstacles. Once we start to change how we think and how we see ourselves, we start to change our reality. This is the catalyst for effective change.” Gina Gardiner

For over 30 years my motivational speaking has helped hundreds of individuals fulfil their personal and professional potential. The result is greater success and fulfilment for each person, which in turn has benefited the organisations they are part of, both large and small.Motivational Speaking, time for change. Genuinely Gina

Each motivational programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual organisation so that the best advice and training activities can be delivered for maximum results.

If you are interested in hiring Gina as a public speaker for your conference, event or workshop, please get in touch here, or drop me a line by email.


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These are Gina’s current selection of inspiring and motivating speeches.  They all feature Gina’s main themes: empowerment, self-improvement, the work of self-development, what an inspirational leader looks like and how a willingness to change one’s thoughts will lead to a happier, more successful and fulfilling life.


CHARIOTS ON FIRE – ACHIEVING TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP – to lead others you must first lead yourself.

  • Empowering the leader within
  • Strategic thinking and being “mindfull”
  • Making the most of time and energy
  • How to recognise and develop the potential in others
  • Enlightened leaders create opportunities for people to recognise their own worth
  • Enlisting the support of others to accomplish the desired dream
  • Creating a culture of development not blame, where everyone takes responsibility
  • Holding people to account
  • The development of goodwill to motivate, influence and the power of feedback and thank you

CHARIOTS ON FIRE - CREATING YOUR POSITIVE ADVANTAGE – it is not the challenges in our lives that define us, but the way we respond to those challenges. Gina shares her story and the strategies she has used to

  • Choice – how you can create enlightened and empowering choices
  • Beliefs – make the shift from limitation to empowerment through your beliefs, your perspective on life and choices you make
  • It isn’t what you can’t do but what you can that counts
  • Change – you are the only one who can effect a change
  • Small changes employed strategically make huge difference over time
  • A journey – taking one step at a time to travel a significant distance


CREATING ENLIGHTENED RELATIONSHIPS – the quality of any relationship is entirely dependent on the relationship you have with yourself and understanding patterns of your behaviour and that of others.

  • Understanding what makes you tick
  • Why some people push your buttons
  • What motivates you and others
  • What makes the difference from feeling a victim or out of control to feeling master or mistress of your own destiny
  • Changing your perspective changes your reality

KICK START YOUR CAREER – a no nonsense, jargon free approach with practical ideas and strategies to support the development of leadership.

  • You only get one chance at a good first impression
  • Creating a CV which gets you noticed
  • Interview techniques
  • Being a consummate professional
  • Giving great presentations
  • Chairing meetings effectively
  • Managing your time effectively

Motivational Speaking Testimonials


“Don’t be fooled by Gina’s soft approach to matters of importance and that of one’s own self belief and worth; underneath her calm voice and gentle demeanour Gina has the power to make you see yourself in a very different light and yet encourages you to have a ‘lion-heart’ approach to both your working and home life.“

“Gina brings to the platform a deep sincerity in her intention to help, a genuinely passionate belief in her message, and an obvious depth expertise and knowledge. This is a rare combination of attributes in a speaker and contributes to the impact she can have on an audience.”

“Gina is such an inspiration, and a living example of the power of a positive mental attitude, a willingness to see beyond apparent limitations and unquestioned assumptions. But what is extra special about Gina, is that she is so real with all of it and maintains an approachable warmth that automatically opens your heart, and welcomes you into her world of possibility.”


“Gina Gardiner certainly rides a Chariot of Fire. She is a powerful and at the same time, wonderful lady who truly speaks from the heart and always finds the right words to touch her audience. I highly recommend her.”  

“As a speaker Gina is highly skilled in delivering relevant lessons in motivation and inspiration that can be transferred across a whole range of disciplines. I would certainly recommend attending one of Gina's presentations.”

“I first encountered Gina Gardiner at the closing session of my organisation's senior management away day. I have not heard someone speak so well since then. The ideas and truths she shared were compelling and powerful, with a masterful use of language that left a deep impression.”


"Fantastic! Inspiring and motivating. You have given me a lot to think about and pointed out problems I knew I had but had not acted on. I will do now!"

“Gina created a captive audience and held it. She clearly delivered some crucial advice to the group which was well received. I’m certainly taking away some inspiration today! Thank you"

“The session was a huge success! Everyone has come away with an idea of how to improve their own Management and Leadership skills, as well as thoroughly enjoying the day. This has enabled us to form our ‘Vision statement’ which is going to form the basis of our business strategy going forward! Thank you for your excellent way of making it clear and concise !”


"Gina Gardiner is a brilliant life coach and consulting with her was the best investment I made. She helped me enoremously to put life in perspective and find an excellent coping mechanism, to deal with the huge of amount of stress I was dealing with at the time. She guided me through some childhood patterning that was no longer serving me well, and assisted in my biggest one of being a total workaholic. I felt totally supported, boosted and encouraged by Gina throughout the coaching process, and in the end, I managed to transform my life. I had learnt new strategies of dealing with difficult situations and thinking much more out the box, with a solution based approach to challenges and felt so much better about myself. All my friends could see a complete and very positive transformation in me and I am so pleased I had been recommended to Gina. I would highly recommend Gina for all types of coaching. Treeana Woodess!"

“Hello, my name is Sue Lilley and I am a retired school teacher. After suffering a devastating personal problem, I contacted Gina. We have been talking on the telephone every week for just over a year now and during that time Gina has given me the tools and strategies that I have needed in order to make lasting, positive changes in my life. She has shown me that I have the ability to deal with my own problems and become a more confident person. Gina is a remarkable lady, she is kind, loving and truly supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to change their life for the better."

“Hello, my name is Colleen. I'm a senior HR professional and experienced organizational development consultant. And I've known Gina Gardner for several years now and found her to be an excellent support and coach and each coaching session with Gina proved very insightful and very powerful and the most recent helped me recognize the lifestyle changes that I needed to make. For myself and I made a career move and lifestyle moved to a different part of the country and it proved hugely successful, which I'm still reaping the benefits from so I'll be eternally grateful to Gina and if I need coaching in the future, I wouldn't hesitate and in fact, I'm trying to persuade someone close to me at the moment to take up that offer because I think they would benefit hugely.”


"My name is Esther Greene and I'm currently studying French and Spanish at the University of Southampton. Gina has been a huge help to me this year. Her sessions have really helped me understand how to make sense of emotions and situations as well as how to take control in my life. I would thoroughly recommend her as a life-coach!"

"Working with Gina Gardiner has been a great experience. She recently delivered a fantastic session at our London membership event. Her knowledge, examples and presentation on mind-set really captured our audience, with lots of positive feedback. I would highly recommend working with Gina to anyone."


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