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The Gina Gardiner & Friends Show is an opportunity to hear an inspirational story and the inside track on the amazing expertise of my guests. Relaxed and conversational - why not grab a cup of your favourite brew, draw up a seat and join me and my friend for positive take-aways, tons of inspiration, shifts in perspective, and a sense of hope and possibility!

Please let us know which show resonated with you, the guests you liked particularly and why, if you have a different point of view and if there are other themes you’d like us to cover.

Gina Gardiner is the host of the Gina Gardiner & Friends Show. Gina’s guests share their experiences and approach to life and to business, providing inspiration, practical approaches, a shift in perspective or a challenge to your thinking. Every episode offers an authentic and organic conversation designed to be of interest and of positive value to you the listener. 

Gina shares with you a wide variety of guests each with their own unique set of experience, expertise, enthusiasms and views on life. Gina brings her unique take on life based on a ‘Can Do’ approach to the conversation and together they offer a different perspective and positive solutions to the challenges life offers.  

For over thirty five years Gina has worked with leaders and their teams from around the world, facilitating their growth and supporting their development of higher states of consciousness so that they make a positive impact and significantly greater success within their personal life and profitability within their business.

Gina is a multiple No1 International Bestselling Author and has written over 35 books including “Thriving Not Surviving – the 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success And Fulfillment”.

Gina Gardiner is a Radical Change Catalyst Speaker, she travels the world speaking at live and virtual events helping men and women both personally and professionally to experience greater confidence, happiness, success, and fulfillment and for their business to achieve significantly greater holistic profits. She uses her methodology of positivity and hope whilst challenging their thinking and giving practical strategies to support true transformation.

As a Transformational Leadership Mentor, Coach and Trainer Gina facilitates leaders, their teams and individuals at every stage of their personal and professional development helping them to own their genuine power and unleash their unlimited potential. Gina walks her talk – authenticity is a fundamental principle of Enlightened Limitless Leadership and one which she demonstrates consistently to all.

Her holistic approach to consulting, training and coaching supports the development of self-worth, confidence, self-reflection, emotional intelligence, curiosity, intuition in others. She empowers people to become the leaders of their own life and then to lead others with integrity, compassion and courage.

Gina facilitates leaders to work smarter and think strategically and fully develop the potential of their team so that they become truly enlightened leaders. Doing so leads to highly motivated and engaged staff who see themselves as part of the solution. The outcome is better staff relationships, greater creativity and increased productivity, excellent leadership and change management and significantly increased profitability.

Gina is the CEO of Genuinely You Ltd, and of Gina Gardiner Associates. She has created many courses and programs including the Thriving Not Surviving (Personal and Spiritual Development Program), and The accredited Enlightened Leadership Program and many more.

Gina has been described by Ofsted as an “inspirational leader” and by Investors in People as an “impressive coach and exceptional mentor who has developed an innovative and exemplary training schemes”.

Following a serious ski accident in 1983 and two failed back surgeries Gina has learned to walk twice as an adult and for over 20 years ran an award-winning school, for the most part from a wheelchair. Her school was on Her Majesties Inspectors (HMI) List of the Top 100 Schools in England twice during her tenure. The gift of this experience was the creation of a unique approach to life and the development of leadership which has continued to be at the heart of her life’s work.

Gina lives in the UK, she loves to spend time with family and friends, to travel, see live theatre and is a keen gardener.

Gina has a huge mission – to positively impact on over a million people through the development holistic, spiritual, enlightened and profitable leadership within the next three years. She is absolutely passionate about helping people have the integrity, compassion and courage to be their ‘BEST’ selves.

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