It's All About You
with Gina Gardiner

  • Discover how to be even more successful at work, know how to manage your boss more easily and get the very best out of your team without killing yourself in the process.
  • Discover how to develop the strategies and approach to have a successful work life AND enjoy a fulfilling personal life.
  • Learn tried and tested strategies to create and sustain lasting, loving relationships.
  • Feel heard and validated because you have someone you can trust to talk to, to offer approaches and strategies which have been proven to work.
  • Learn how to make choices and feel happy and confident and able to be assertive and set appropriate boundaries.

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  • I have well over 30 year's experience, in successfully developing leadership and personal empowerment
  • I have well over 20 year's experience in running an award winning organisation and helping other similar organisations become more successful
  • I have helped CEOs, Directors, Senior Executives, Senior and Middle management become more successful, help their businesses become significantly more profitable and have a better work life balance
  • I have over 12 year's experience, of helping businesses develop strategically so understand the political, cultural and emotional landscape of organisations and how to navigate them effectively
  • I've worked successfully with people all over the world helping them to achieve the life they dream of.



Gina Gardiner
#1 International Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Master NLP Business, Empowerment and Relationship Coach.

Everything you do is a choice and every choice has consequences. Choose to step into your personal power and live an extra ordinary life full of confidence, happiness, fulfilment and success.

Let Gina help you, use her knowledge, experience and strategies she has developed and honed over the last 30 years. There is a wide range of resources available to suit your needs. They are tried and tested so we know they work when used consistently.


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  • BONUS #1 - The Relationship Bridge Programme – Create a great relationship with yourself and lasting loving relationships with others
  • BONUS #2 - Time Management Strategies – a range of tried and tested approaches to making your time go further
  • BONUS #3 - Lots of resources, podcasts, videos and articles designed to help you live a happier, more successful and fulfilled life.



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After each session I know that anything is possible.

Gina, I wanted to thank you so much for what you brought me: a new insight into my life. My way of tackling daily routine problems in different areas of my life, has been totally transformed. Only 4 sessions with you and I feel like a new person, just reborn!!! I definitely recommend Gina’s session to anybody who needs coaching; Gina is amazing… her work is wonderful and how efficient!!! If I didn’t meet Gina, I would probably still be moaning about what is always going wrong and give up on little things without really trying.

Gina’s Gardiner approach is extremely efficient at 100% .She respects who you are, what you represent and guides you through a fantastic journey which helps you reveal yourself as a completely new, refreshed and positive person. So if you need positive and efficient help…call Gina asap as you won’t find it anywhere else. Gina has a beautiful personality and a superb Karma and transmits lots of positive vibes…after each session I know that anything is possible.

You have helped me to not only maintain but strengthen my focus and resolve on both a professional and personal level.

I would like take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance that you have provided me with in recent months.

Through your coaching sessions you have helped me to not only maintain but strengthen my focus and resolve on both a professional and personal level. As you know, life holds many exciting challenges for me and you have helped me to view those forthcoming challenges with a fresh perspective; the net result of this has been greater efficiency and a sense of no task is beyond me,

I look forward to continuing to work with you as I believe that we have only “scratched the surface” in terms of potential. I would strongly recommend that anyone with ambitions for the New Year, big or small consult you for some coaching as the benefits are huge.

She has helped me enormously by assessing and fine tuning my mindset to see more possibilities than I had ever previously imagined.

I really cannot recommend Gina highly enough. She has helped me enormously by assessing and fine tuning my mindset to see more possibilities than I had ever previously imagined.

I’ve come away with a clear vision, a strategy and plenty of energy to move new ideas forward with my new found enthusiasm.

Thank you so much Gina, look forward to next time.

My life has turned completely around.

I thank God that Gina came into my life and made great things happen , I’ve made some pretty big changes! And, I’m feeling MUCH more confident and centered, how can you put a value on that? My family, friends and colleagues have noticed big changes in me. My life has turned completely around.

After the first session I knew if anyone could use their magic on me it would be Gina, it was a magnificent start. She supported and encouraged me through her highly accurate listening and feedback skills. I found the sessions exciting, motivational and worth every penny.

I am on my way to a happier and healthier future. I highly recommend Gina to anyone ready to make some big changes, her insight and direction is so valuable – and you cannot help catching her enthusiasm for life.”

Gina has really helped me get organised

I cannot thank Gina enough for her constant stream of simple ideas that have been immediately applicable to my home and work-life that have made a huge difference.

On a time management level Gina has given me all sorts of strategies and techniques that have saved me a lot of time personally and professionally.

Gina’s experience as a head mistress has really helped me to develop my skills as a step-mum and work on improving my personal relationships.

It is very hard to express just how much Gina’s guidance has improved my life, as there are so many different facets to it. I absolutely recommend working with Gina.”

Coaching Options




Genuinely You Coaching - 3 Month Program
$7,800.00 Total
Genuinely You Coaching - 6 Month Program
$10,500.00 Total
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