Step Into Your Power!

The "Genuinely You Show" hosted by Gina Gardiner takes you on a journey of discovery to find your genuine self and how you can have the confidence to let go of fear, and the stress and frustration of constantly trying to save the day and at the same time achieve ongoing happiness and fulfilment.




We are in the middle of a paradigm shift in consciousness. It is fundamental and it runs deep. It has the power to change the way we think, to shift our perception of ourselves, and the world around us. It has the capacity to expand our horizons and to bring a more loving and positive way of being.

The "Genuinely You Show" hosted by Gina Gardiner takes you on a journey of discovery to find your genuine best self.  How you can have the confidence to let go of fear, stress and frustration of constantly trying to save the day and at the same time achieve ongoing happiness and fulfilment.

Everything you do is your choice.  Even not choosing is a choice and every choice has consequences.  When faced with difficulties it is your choice how you deal with it.   Change those things you have the power to change. When you can’t change or influence the situation, you can still choose the way you deal with it.

Gina's personal story of adversity and learning to walk twice in her life will inspire you.




Check Out Our Episodes

Episode 1 - Preview


Thriving Not Surviving – My Story

Do you want to learn the secret of living a confident and fulfilling life – without being stressed frustrated and feeling you can never measure up?

Find out how to figure it all out on today’s episode.



Episode 2 - Preview


The Quality Of Your Thinking Determines The Quality Of Your Life - Mindfulness

Do you have a critical voice in your head bringing you down? In today's episode, learn how to speak to yourself in a more kind and compassionate voice?

Understanding how the quality of our thoughts governs the quality of our lives is vitally important – IF you want to create the very best quality of life for you and those you care about.



Episode 3 - Preview


Beliefs - Do Yours Limit Or Empower You?

Want to know how your current beliefs could be condemning you to a life sentence of unhappiness, isolation and fear. Today I'm going to show you how to create your get out of jail free card.

Our beliefs create our reality. Our experiences create the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world. Once they are installed into our brain, we often give them lasting status – we rarely challenge the validity of them.

We constantly look for evidence to uphold our beliefs, even when they are negative and disempowering. The challenge is that when we look for evidence to support our limiting beliefs we will find it, as we interpret what is happening based on the initial limiting belief.

In this episode learn how to challenge your limiting beliefs.



Episode 4 - Preview


Learn the Power of Language

Stop whining! Stop complaining!

Seriously, just listen to yourself! 

In this episode discover how to swap the negative impact of the language you use and feel empowered, confident and truly fulfilled.



Episode 5 - Preview


The Might Of Perspective

Learn the critical reason why most women leaders filter out the most important answers to their deepest desires and they don’t even know they are doing it.

Learn how your point of view can cloud everything – it either keeps you stuck or sets you free.

Let me show you how a single shift in your perception can make an incredibly positive change to your life.



Episode 6 - Preview


The Most Important Relationship Is The One You Have With Yourself

How would you like to capture the power and wisdom of Aslan the lion? And experience a stronger and lasting feeling of self-love.

Discover how to feel great about yourself, “wobbly bits and all!”

Learn how the advice you are given on an airplane, can positively transform your life (this is going to surprise you).



Episode 7 - Preview


The Secret To Achieving Wealth and Abundance

Successful people got there because of a lucky break. That’ll never happen to you, Right? Wrong! - Discover how…

Do the following beliefs sound familiar? Abundance will always be difficult to achieve. Money doesn’t grow on trees. There never seems to be enough… I don’t deserve to be rich!

Learn how your beliefs are impacting negatively on your bank balance.

Learn how to live an abundant life, Unlock the key to achieving wealth and abundance without becoming emotionally overdrawn.



Episode 8 - Preview



Do you procrastinate or give up easily? Discover how to create a new way of thinking, feel great about yourself and succeed in every area of your life.

Why is it when even when we really want to do certain things we get in our own way and sabotage any chance of lasting success? 

How come it is often just as things are going really well that we take our foot of the gas, lose momentum and allow things to fizzle out?

Today, I am going to share with you the most common forms of self- sabotage and offer you some helpful strategies to deal with them.



Episode 9 - Preview


The Greatness Of Gratitude

Learn the best kept secret to achieving confidence, happiness and fulfilment.

Learn how gratitude has the power to create confidence, optimism and transformation? Even if you’re the most sceptical person.

Discover how gratitude has the power to recalibrate the quality of your thinking – from worthlessness to confidence, from struggle to success.

Find out how to harness the power of gratitude and live an amazing, confident and fulfilling life.



Episode 10 - Preview


The Power Of Forgiveness

Discover the number #1 secret that will free you from the weight of past hurts and help you step into your true power, so you can live a life of confidence, freedom and fulfilment.

Holding onto the bitterness and hurt is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It is possible to live your life differently. I will reveal how…

Mercy, compassion, forgiveness. Three of the most powerful words on the planet, learn why and how to embrace their strength.



Episode 11 - Preview


Digging Yourself Out Of That Deep Dark Hole – Dealing With Anxiety And Stress

Discover how to stop feeling that ‘Nothing you do is ever right or good enough’ Learn how you can feel good about yourself and own your achievements with confidence .

Way too many people feel as if they are living under a deep, dark cloud or find themselves feeling that life is a crock of s-h-#-t. 

It doesn’t have to be like that. The quality of your life is too important. 

Discover a way to live with confidence, self-belief and courage!

How’s that dark cloud above your head? Fancy a bit of sunshine? Let me show you how to find it.



Episode 12 - Preview


Stepping Into Your Power - You Are Enough

Discover how to capture the mighty power of being authentically, genuinely YOU.

Discover the ultimate power of finding your true purpose and living it.

Learn how to make the illusion of being Wonder Woman or Super Man a reality.

What do you fear most? Success or Failure. Either one will hold you back.

Learn how to harness your confidence and have the courage to live a fearless life.



Episode 13 - Preview


Thriving Not Surviving – Your Spiritual Journey

Discover how you can step into your divine feminine energy and fulfil your true potential.



Episode 14 - Preview


Interview With Beth

In this final episode of The Genuinely You Show, Gina and Beth have a conversation.





The start of my journey:

Gina is on a mission to ...
Positively impact on a million people by 2023. Helping them to step in their authentic, genuine power, to feel self-confident, identify their true purpose and feel fulfilled. To become more spiritually aware of the part they play in the rise of humanitarian consciousness.




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Step Into Your Power!  The "Genuinely You Show" hosted by Gina Gardiner takes you on a journey of discovery to find your genuine self and how you can have the confidence to let go of fear, and the stress and frustration of constantly trying to save the day and at the same time achieve ongoing happiness and fulfilment.