Genuinely You Podcast Show

Ideas, Inspiration and Strategies to Step Into Your Authentic Self, Find Genuine Power, Feel Self-Confident, Find Your True Purpose!

I believe it is incredibly important to recognise that we are all connected, to look at how we can support and help one another from a place of love. For people to step into their genuine, authentic power, to have the courage to live a fearless life.


[Elaine Jacques] You Are Capable Of So Much More

Most people under-estimate what they are capable of & as a result fail to unlock their true potential. It requires courage & confidence to step as a leader particularly now when there is so much uncertainty. There has never been a greater need for you to step out of your comfort zone to be your ‘best’ self. Read more

[Lizzie Bernthal] Overcome Your Inner War Zone

Victim or hero? Your choice! Today I & my guest Lizzie Bernthal explore how to stand tall, find your voice & your inner strength even when you are facing significant life challenges. Read more

[Jane Gunn] Managing Conflict In A Time Of Change

So many people find themselves avoiding the issue, keeping quiet so they avoid confrontation. It is a flawed approach which often leads to unhappiness, frustration and conflict. In today’s show we highlight the significant difference between confronting the issue and being confrontational. Read more

[Anna Anderson] How To Nourish Your Body, Mind & Soul

Many people dream of experiencing great vitality, happiness & fulfilment but their daily reality is very different. My guest Anna Anderson works with women who are unhappy with their weight. Read more

[Francis West] How to Foil the Scammers and Hackers

We live in a world fraught with challenges. Todays show explores the issue of cyber security & how taking personal responsibility & appropriate action can stem the tide of cyber-crime which has mushroomed over lockdown. Read more

[Robert Deptfod] Fundamental Shifts Leading to Success

Great success in your personal life and the profitability of your business requires the capacity to anticipate & adapt. Enlightened, profitable leaders recognise the need for forward momentum, they anticipate & harness the opportunities change offers. Read more

[Mike Neville] Divine Feminine - The Spiritual Matriarch

Today’s show focuses on the importance role of the Divine Spiritual Matriarch which has never been more vital than now as we move into a new era of consciousness within both the family and society as a whole. Read more

[Erin Loman Jeck] What Message Are You Sharing?

How well do you communicate - to yourself & those you love? What message do you share? Are you confident, consistent & loving? Do you speak your truth? Read more

[Tonya Mackenzie] Embracing Your Feminine Energy - Leading the Way!

Today’s episode focuses on personal & professional success, leadership & the emergence of feminine energy. For centuries masculine energy has predominated but things are changing. As we move into the new era of consciousness we need more of the creativity & compassion of female energy. Read more

[Allana Da Graca] Achieving Personal & Business Success in the New Normal

Tired of feeling as if you are simply surviving? In this episode we explore how you can thrive personally & professionally - now & as the new ‘NORMAL’ emerges. Read more
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