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Our health is so precious yet all too often we don’t fully value it until we are struggling. Our physical, mental and spiritual health are very much in our hands so why is it that so many people make decisions which actively and negatively impact on their health?  Alessandro and I explore the power of a very ancient approach to creating optimum health.  Qi-gong offers a seemingly simple and effective way to achieve and maintain great health in every aspect of life.

About The Show

Are you the ‘Leader’ of your own life? Are you getting the best out of life – personally and professionally? Join us on ‘Leadership For Life with Gina Gardiner’ where you can enjoy interviews from a wide range of top experts who will share their insights and skills and where I will share with you the principles and strategies to help you live a happier more successful and fulfilling life - personally and professionally.

About The Guests

An adventurous childhood - an Italian boy, having lived in multiple countries including Indonesia, Italy (Sardinia), Tanzania, Yugoslavia, Turkey & the UK all by the age of 9, when i came to study in the UK. I currently live in beautiful Wimbledon in South West London.  From a young age, I was always searching for deeper meaning in life, I was tired of feeling disconnected and uninspired. I lacked a sense of Inner peace or Purpose.  Until one weekend in 1988. When I attended an event that changed everything – and for the first time, I sensed an Energy beyond my own. Qigong was introduced into my life. I’ve been practicing ever since – that journey began over 30 years ago.”

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