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There are patterns everywhere in nature & in daily life. Understanding our personal patterns offers us a powerful choice – to keep or change them. Patterns exist in a much wider context. Andrew Pancholi and I will be discussing the modern day revolution, exploring the patterns in world events including the way modern events are tied in with those from history, how he & his colleagues predicted the pandemic & the conflict in the Ukraine & how human behaviour works on mathematical patterns.

About The Show

Are you the ‘Leader’ of your own life? Are you getting the best out of life – personally and professionally? Join us on ‘Leadership For Life with Gina Gardiner’ where you can enjoy interviews from a wide range of top experts who will share their insights and skills and where I will share with you the principles and strategies to help you live a happier more successful and fulfilling life - personally and professionally.

About The Guests

Using mathematical patterns in past events, Andrew helps you to be prepared for what lies ahead. By harnessing predictive patterns, not just in geopolitics, but also in markets, he is able to forecast forthcoming themes and events. His followers were forewarned of the pandemic as well as the present conflict. Andrew is the creator of the Market Timing Report and sits on the board of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles set up by the US presidency.

Find out More:   www.markettimingreport.com, www.andrewpancholi.com


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