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Finding your authentic voice and making it heard is important for us all but all to often people feel inhibited in speaking and sharing their truth. Communicating effectively is at the heart of every positive relationship – personal and professional.  For those in business or who wish to make a difference to many it is vital to harness the power of the media.  Join Dean Piper and I share our insights into speaking your truth and sharing your message effectively and widely with others.

About The Show

Are you the ‘Leader’ of your own life? Are you getting the best out of life – personally and professionally? Join us on ‘Leadership For Life with Gina Gardiner’ where you can enjoy interviews from a wide range of top experts who will share their insights and skills and where I will share with you the principles and strategies to help you live a happier more successful and fulfilling life - personally and professionally.

About The Guest

Dean K. Piper, CST, aka “The Pipeman™” is an International Radio Personality & Podcaster, Master Marketer, Publicist, Promoter, Published Author, Speaker, Coach, and Trainer. Dean is the owner/founder of Talk 4 Media & Pipeman Productions globally recognized as a top ranked full-service ecofriendly multimedia network and marketing firm producing, broadcasting and distributing Radio, TV, and Podcasting. Dean has partnerships with many major events and music festivals as well as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Audible. Dean also has multiple shows including The Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman in the Pit, and Positively Pipeman and is also known as The King of All Festivals during The PipemanRadio Tour.  Subscribe to all of my podcasts and follow @pipemanradio on all Social Media. Let’s be Friends!  

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