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Investing in you is the biggest gift you can give yourself – accelerating progress, deepening understanding & opening up limitless possibilities.  As a business owner, finding the right investors means the difference between your business struggling, trapped by negative cash flow or the inability to grow, leaving it struggling or stagnant rather than successful & thriving.  Guest Hatty Fawcett shares the principles & rules of engagement to help you make a successful pitch to prospective investors. 

About The Show

Are you the ‘Leader’ of your own life? Are you getting the best out of life – personally and professionally? Join us on ‘Leadership For Life with Gina Gardiner’ where you can enjoy interviews from a wide range of top experts who will share their insights and skills and where I will share with you the principles and strategies to help you live a happier more successful and fulfilling life - personally and professionally.

About The Guests

Hatty Fawcett is the founder of Focused for Business. She is on a mission to make it quicker and easier for founders to raise equity investment. Hatty runs an eight-week Funding Accelerator which shows startup founders how to prepare for investment, how to find the right investors for their business, and how to close the deal quickly. In the last 12 months Hatty has raised over £4million for the startups she works with, with individual businesses raising between £10K and £840K.

Find out More:  www.FocusedForBusiness.com


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