Today’s episode focuses on personal and professional success, leadership and the emergence of feminine energy. For centuries masculine energy has predominated but things are changing.  As we move into the new era of consciousness we need the creativity and compassion female energy brings forth.

My guest Tonya Mackenzie is a gun violence survivor. Having embraced her feminine energy and stepped into her genuine power Tonya shares her 20 years of experience, her approach to leadership and success with us.

About The Show

Are you the ‘Leader’ of your own life? Are you getting the best out of life – personally and professionally? Join us on ‘Leadership For Life with Gina Gardiner’ where you can enjoy interviews from a wide range of top experts who will share their insights and skills and where I will share with you the principles and strategies to help you live a happier more successful and fulfilling life - personally and professionally.

About The Guest

Tonya McKenzie, a 20 year vet in the Public Relations and Leadership game, is the founder and principal consultant for Sand & Shores. Tonya holds various leadership positions including Board of Directors for the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, Presidentof the North Redondo Beach Business Association, and VP of Black Public Relations Society, Los Angeles.

Tonya is an author, gun violence survivor and child advocate.

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