We live in a world which is fraught with challenges. Todays show explores the issue of cyber security & how taking personal responsibility & appropriate action can stem the tide of cyber-crime which has mushroomed over lockdown. 

It is entirely possible to stay ahead of the hackers & scammers who are constantly looking for ways to beat the system HOWEVER that requires awareness & ACTION!

My guest Francis West a cyber security expert will share his considerable experience & expertise to help us.

About The Show

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About The Guest

Some call me the superhero of cyber security, but I am just doing our civic duty, fighting cyber crime, protecting citizens and businesses from the potential devastation of hackers and scammers! When I take a rare day off from tackling cyber villains, you can find me consulting about the Dark Web and Cyber/Computer Security, working closely with Banks, Councils, Cyber Police, WCIT, speaking in the UK and internationally, or building projects from old pallets.

Originally from South Africa, Francis West has spent nearly 30 years in the UK delivering IT and cyber security solutions to businesses. Francis launched Westtek Solutions with the aim of redefining IT Support to the SME sector. Through hard work and innovation, he has formed strategic partnerships to provide comprehensive support and cutting-edge cyber security solutions through Security Everywhere, a cybersecurity focussed business aimed at educating and protecting over 1 million people from cyberattacks by 2023.

Francis is a mentor for CompTIA, helping train the technology gurus of the future. Francis believes that it is the increase in Cyber Awareness that is at the heart of the solution to the threats we all face.

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