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Christmas is a time of giving, the season of goodwill and cheer! There is so much pleasure in giving and receiving a gift which comes with love. Think how different the world would be if every day was filled with the love, compassion, kindness and generosity we associate with Christmas.

My guest Masami Sato who set up B1G1 has created the opportunity for businesses to make a positive difference in a creative and sustainable way. A truly win-win situation.

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About The Guest

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1, a Social Enterprise and a B Corp based in Singapore.

B1G1 (also known as BUY1GIVE1) helps businesses around the world integrate effective giving in what they do.

Today B1G1 works with more than 2500 businesses and these businesses have created over 200 million giving impacts to date together.

Masami has a diverse business background, she is a 2xTEDX speaker and author of 4 books.  She is also the mother of two teenage children.  Her work originates in the belief that businesses with a real sense of purpose can make a real difference in the world.

Find out More: https://genuinely-you.co/user/1025

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