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by Gina Gardiner


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Second Edition.

This book is a combination of gripping autobiographical accounts of tough circumstances combined with powerful, practical self-help advice from Gina Gardiner, who overcame adversity when forced to use a wheelchair after a serious ski accident in 1983.

Her leadership role as head teacher of a large primary school at the time was made much tougher as many of the classrooms did not even have wheelchair access. It was imperative Gina looked at the bigger picture in order to overcome the significant challenges facing her and as a consequence she developed ways to motivate and engage staff, encouraging them to be self-reliant and ensuring they understood how to deliver excellence, taking responsibility for their own performance.

Today, Gina is a highly successful and experienced Leadership Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach. She had to learn to walk again as an adult and the fight for better mobility is ongoing. It has given her a unique understanding of how empowering or limiting one's personal beliefs can be, and how they have the power to hold us back or help us forge ahead. A wheelchair can be seen as a significant limitation or as a chariot on fire offering freedom and empowerment. It is all about choice; perspective changes everything.