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The Point of Me (Beyond Veils Book 1)

by Rachel Davidson


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“…with a husky whisper, he half spoke to himself, the terrible question his heart held, “But what will have been the point of me, Lyra?”

What is the point of life? Especially a tragically short-life?

James believes he is pointless. He is a young man with a terminal illness and a family that is falling apart because of it. When he meets Marcham, a mystical beast who takes him on a series of powerful spiritual journeys, James begins to understand the meaning of life, death, and family. He will discover his truth; what an opportunity for love he is. He will embrace the divine and release the deepest treasures of his soul and help his family unlock their own.

Once you’ve accepted your death, what is there left to fear?

A magically eloquent story that will open hearts to the power of love and forgiveness.

“The magic of it all is just beautiful & the amazing descriptions are quite literally out of this world!” Amazon Reviewer

This is the international bestselling first book in the ‘Beyond Veils’ series.

Reviews for The Point of Me:

The Red Headed Book Lover, October 2017:The Point of Me is a poignant story that made me feel a host of different emotions. It is a triumphant, exceptional book and you will not regret it.This book explores themes such as life, death, acceptance and love. It follows the protagonist of this novel, James; James is a young man, and sadly he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. To make matters worse, his family are falling apart, this, of course, does not help his situation so already you feel for James and his sad situation. However, things start to look up soon as James meets a mystical beast named Marcham, Marcham is an enlightened being who takes James on a series of mystical, spiritual journeys that help James understand the meaning of family, death, and life. It makes for a moving read and I adored it so much.The story of the Point of Me is extraordinary and very unique. This novel is incredibly engrossing, every moment I felt engaged in it. I did not want this brilliant book to end! This is all thanks to the excellent author of this novel, Rachel Davidson.

Davidson is a talented, exceptional writer who knows how to write in such a way that makes the reader feel a host of different emotions. Her words were eloquent as well as beautifully descriptive, her descriptions floored me and instilled a real sense of wonder in me. In particular, the scenes where James meets Marcham, the magical beast was especially emotional. Her descriptions of this creature and the magical, spiritual aspects which were to happen were stunning, and for that, I am in real awe of Davidson. Her talent is brilliant, and I would not be surprised if this book is widely known one day, it certainly deserves to be!

To summarise my thoughts on this charming, brilliant, inspiring novel, I would say, if you are looking for an emotive read that will stay with you for a long time then this book is undoubtedly for you. This stunning piece of literature gets Five Stars from me!