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The Truth of Her (Beyond Veils Book 2)

by Rachel Davidson


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“…In that eye-locked moment, Sophia knows that her daughter suffers from a deep trauma. She does not know the shape of it, the scale of it. She doesn’t understand what has happened or who is to blame, but she does see that her daughter sits within its dark canyon. That her child is held against the walls of her hurt by forces that are beyond her ability to fight on her own. Intuitively, Sophia understands that these are dark forces. Within her daughter’s obsidian pupils there is a shifting, smoke-like shadow. Despair.”

We don’t have to become what is done to us.

There are choices, other paths that can be taken. The countless decisions, large and small, that every life demands, these are the foundations upon which our souls are lifted or within which our souls are encased. A life of exposure and light, or of imprisonment and darkness? Which to take?

Lyra’s young-life has already been marred by family tragedy, but there is more to come.

Which path will she choose?

She is a powerful soul with even greater spiritual allies. The choices she makes will have deep and lasting consequences. Will she be strong enough to make the right choice? Will she be able to live with knowing what the real truth of her is?

This is the second book in the ‘Beyond Veils’ series and follows on from the first book, The Point of Me, an Amazon international bestseller.

Potential Trigger Warning: this storyline features aspects of sexual violence, but in a non-graphic manner.

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