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Journey Into The New Era of Profitable Enlightened Leadership: A strategic planner to help you find, define & align yourself as a Profitable Enlightened Leader

by Gina Gardiner


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Are you a leader/entrepreneur struggling to achieve and sustain profitable success?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the never-ending battle to meet your targets?  Tired of the bullying culture, and constant battle each day brings?  Wonder how to have a successful business and a happy relationship and homelife?

Do you have a growing awareness that things are not working in the business arena and that successful leaders in the ‘New Norm’ will need to approach things very differently?

Are you searching for a ‘better’ way? 

Are you ready to become a Profitable, Enlightened Leader - able to access the limitless possibilities that greater consciousness offers? Are you ready to illuminate the way for others?

This journal planner will help you create profitable success within your business and in life.  Using a series of powerful questions, you will be guided through a deep discovery process, helping you to become clearer about who you are, identify your WHY and a pathway to success and fulfilment.

This book guides you through techniques on journaling, brainstorming, reflection, and creativity so that you can become the best version of yourself and inspire others to follow you. You will learn how to uncover ‘treasures’ in your business that go above and beyond ‘bottom line’ financial goals and open up the path to greater profitability. 

Your journey to profitable enlightened leadership starts here.