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It Is Time To Become A Beacon Of Light & Hope: How To Become An Illuminating Enlightened Leader & Light The Way In Challenging Times

by Gina Gardiner,Alicia "Waters"


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Creating a sense of ‘conscious’ hope is vital in times of challenge. Having hope opens up a future of possibilities, as we are better resourced more resilient and creative when we are able to trust in the future.Enlightened Leaders not only live from a place of ‘conscious’ hope they have the capacity to generate a sense of unity and hope in others. History has proven time and time again the power of hope even in the darkest of times‘It Is Time To Become A Beacon Of Light & Hope’ offers the reader a guide to creating and maintaining hope personally and how to become the illuminating force which lights the way for others. The Activity Journal provides scaffolding to support you in your journey of hope, and your ability to generate hope in others.