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Highly-Sensitive to High-End The "Write" Way: The Art Of Becoming An Empathic Entrepreneur & Building A High-End Empire (VIP-Day Intensive Work-Space Planner)

by Gina Gardiner,Alicia "Waters"


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This publication is for empaths or highly sensitive influencers who are ready to learn how to leverage their high-sensitivity abilities to create a high-end business model using writing as the gateway to high-level impact and income. In this publication, you will learn about... The importance of stepping up as a high-end expression through empathic-preneurship. Why becoming a writing-preneur and/or publishing-preneur leads to the greater expansion of your empathic authority to serve top industries in a unique way. The brutal truth of why several empaths don't value themselves enough to charge more for their work. How to step out of the "Inspirational Insanity Confirmation Bias Loop" so that you OWN your true power, stop delaying, and accelerate your empathic evolution for greater success. Why it's time to start powerfully showing up with valuable offerings and stop caring what others think or absorbing negative projections about marketing your services on social media platforms. The importance of having a healthy ROOT CHAKRA as an empath in order to be financially aligned for fulfilling your greater purpose. A simple and lighter business ascension empire model that sets you up for high-end results. This publication provides content from three empathic experts and a self-paced/self-customized VIP Day Intensive work-space for creating empathic high-end success the "write" way. Bonus training video links are included.