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Enlightened Authentic Leadership: How To Lead Yourself And Others More Authentically & Effectively – An Intentional Journal And Action Planner for Leader-preneurs

by Gina Gardiner

ASIN: B093K865WD

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How would it be if you could achieve sustained success with ease and grace? What difference would it make to you and your business if those you lead were highly motivated and engaged and full of vitality and enthusiasm? Just imagine being consistently connected to your higher-self and enjoying the abundance, great health and happiness that offers for you and your team. It is entirely possible to succeed in this way however it requires leadership based on enlightenment and authenticity. Knowing how to be an Enlightened Authentic Leader is entirely possible The Enlightened Authentic Leadership Intentional Journal & Action Planner for Leader-preneurs offers you a unique and unrivalled approach designed to help you lead yourself and others more authentically and effectively.