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The Profitable Enlightened Leader’s Journey: A strategic workbook to support you in your journey to becoming a Profitable Enlightened Leader

by Gina Gardiner

ASIN: B095L1919F

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We are transitioning into a new era of consciousness, it is a time of huge expansion. The world is changing at an accelerated rate, changes are happening globally on an unprecedented scale. There is a huge need to have leaders within the market place who are consciously aware, leaders who have a real understanding of what it takes to create a highly profitable business whilst fulfilling their purpose so that they can make a positive difference to others and the world in a sustainable way. There is a great need for Profitable Enlightened Leaders who understand the need for an authentic and holistic approach to leadership. Those who have the integrity, compassion and courage to lead by example and the desire to make a positive difference to others. They recognise that sustained success and profitability is the result of a leadership approach which supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and fosters positive relationships with all those involved.This strategic workbook is designed to help those who are serious about developing as Profitable Enlightened Leaders to accelerate their journey.