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Are You an Empath? Discovering Your True Identity & Purpose: An Intentional Workbook to Explore Who You Really Are and The Significance of That Role as We Move into The New Era of Consciousness

by Gina Gardiner,Dr Lizzy Bernthal


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Ever wondered why you feel different? Are you highly sensitive and take on the moods of others? Do you sometimes feel your senses are being overwhelmed in situations which others appear to find easy? Have you experienced things which are hard to explain and feel awkward about telling others? Do you have a strong affinity with the natural world or with animals? Do you have a sense that you are here to do something bigger and that you want to make a positive difference in the world but you are not sure how? Have you ever considered whether you are an Empath? Having an awareness that you are an Empath is really important at a number of different levels as it is only when you are aware that you can then acknowledge, harness and develop that gift. Failure to do so can lead the individual to experience overwhelm, a sense of unfulfillment, depression or anxiety but it will also have a detrimental impact on your being able to fulfil your true purpose and limit the level of impact and influence you will have in supporting others to fulfil their potential.