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Taking the Bullsh*t Out of Leadership: Get REAL with Yourself & Make the Shift to Greater Accountability & Authenticity so You Achieve Greater Success & More Meaningful Results

by Gina Gardiner


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Watching the media it would be easy to believe in the myth that to be successful as a business leader you have to be a professional bullshitter. Times are changing – more and more people are seeking out those businesses which come from a place of authenticity. Sustained success in business is so dependent on the quality of leadership. One of the most valuable pieces of equipment you will ever have in life and in business is an efficient Bullshit Meter. However it is vital that you understand that it has to be the premier version. Most of us are familiar with the model which looks outwards and judges how others are operating but in reality it only does half the job – the less important half. The super deluxe, all singing and dancing model – the one which will be the difference which makes the difference is the Bull Shit meter which acts as a mirror to the inner essence of who YOU are as an authentic leader and whether you operate out of integrity. Discover the power of having a super-deluxe Bullshit Meter and how to upgrade your own.