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The True Essence of You: An Intentional Journal to Help You Return to Your Genuine Self-Awareness, Achieve Holistic Wellbeing, Your True Life Purpose and Spiritual Connection

by Gina Gardiner

ASIN: B09W4T634N

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THE TRUE ESSENCE OF YOU An Intentional Journal To Help You Return To Your Genuine Self-awareness, Achieve Holistic Wellbeing, Your True Life Purpose And Spiritual Connection When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see the unique, amazing person reflected in the mirror and embrace your uniqueness and your magnificence or do look at yourself and simply focus on your perceived imperfections? Do you see yourself at all? When you think of your life do you wonder “Is this it” and wish there was more? Are you ready to embrace a life that feels full of possibility, one where you live it day by day with passion and purpose? If so, this intentional journal is designed for you.