The Relationship Bridge

Take This Course 11 Lessons in 5 Modules

The Relationship Bridge focuses on people who lack self-worth and confidence in themselves, those who are single and want to be in a long-term, loving relationship. The programme has arisen out of years of working with clients helping them to deal with the issues which have got in the way of their being successful in love. As a result of they have then gone on to form long-term happy and positive relationships based on constructive communication, a sharing of values and mutual love and respect. 

The Relationship Bridge consists of a series of 5 videos which build into a comprehensive approach to achieving confidence and self -worth and a positive approach to creating and sustaining loving, inter-dependent relationships. Each video is accompanied by a work book. These contain a range of simple, practical activities which are designed to help you incorporate the strategies outlined within each video into daily life in manageable bite size chunks.

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