Genuinely You Coaching - 3 Month Program


Price: US$7,800.00

What if You  Could Be Successful At Work And Have a Great Personal Relationship That Would Be AMAZING?

#1 International Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Master NLP Business, Empowerment and Relationship Coach.

Everything you do is a choice and every choice has consequences. Choose to step into your personal power and live an extra ordinary life full of confidence, happiness, fulfilment and success.

Let Gina help you, use her knowledge, experience and strategies she has developed and honed over the last 30 years. There is a wide range of resources available to suit your needs. They are tried and tested so we know they work when used consistently.

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 "It's All About You "

  • Discover how to be even more successful at work, know how to manage your boss more easily and get the very best out of your team without killing yourself in the process. 
  • Discover how to develop the strategies and approach to have a successful work life AND enjoy a fulfilling personal life. 
  • Learn tried and tested strategies to create and sustain lasting, loving relationships. 
  • Feel heard and validated because you have someone you can trust to talk to, to offer approaches and strategies which have been proven to work.  
  • Learn how to make choices and feel happy and confident and able to be assertive and set appropriate boundaries. 

As part of the coaching programme you receive:

  • A carefully created life audit to complete prior to your first session ($200)
  • A 2 1/2 hour diagnostic session to determine your top 3 priority areas ($1,000 Value)
  • Weekly in depth coaching session over a three month period ($5000 Value)
  • Access to the Relationship Bridge Video Programme ($1100)
  • Access to email support between sessions ($1000)
  • Plus Access bonus videos

Here's why Gina can make these promises to you:  

  • I have well over 30 year's experience, in successfully developing leadership and personal empowerment 
  • I have well over 20 year's experience in running an award winning organisation and helping other similar organisations become more successful 
  • I have helped CEOs, Directors, Senior Executives, Senior and Middle management become more successful, help their businesses become significantly more profitable and have a better work life balance 
  • I have over 12 year's experience, of helping businesses develop strategically so understand the political, cultural and emotional landscape of organisations and how to navigate them effectively 
  • I've worked successfully with people all over the world helping them to achieve the life they dream of. 
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