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Ideas, Inspiration and Strategies to Step Into Your Authentic Self, Find Genuine Power, Feel Self-Confident, Find Your True Purpose!

I believe it is incredibly important to recognise that we are all connected, to look at how we can support and help one another from a place of love. For people to step into their genuine, authentic power, to have the courage to live a fearless life.


[Riana Avis] Master Your Money

What relationship do you have with money? Our beliefs about money drive the way in which we behave and so determine the state of our bank balance. Many people equate their self-worth to their net-worth and as a result find things go from bad to worse. I and my guest Riana Avis will explore how to avoid having a toxic relationship with money, take control of your life and your money and give yourself the very best foundation for living an abundant and financially free life. Read more

[Ruby McGuire & Gail Gibson] The Working Woman's Guide To Menopause

Change is one of the constants in life it offers both challenges & opportunities yet many find dealing with change really difficult. It is your choice whether the change defines you or not. Despite its inevitability many woman & even fewer men know about the menopause & how to minimise the challenges it brings. Today’s I & my guests Ruby McGuire & Gail Gibson share their significant expertise of helping working women deal with the menopause & look forward to the next chapter of their lives. Read more

[Tiffany Youngren] Are You A Thought Leader Or A Dabbler?

There are great changes afoot, for those who are aware of the shift in consciousness, who act with integrity, compassion & courage & are ready to take action to become the leaders in the vanguard of change the opportunities are significant. What differentiates those who dabble in things from those who become the thought leaders in our society my guest Tiffany Youngren shares her experience & expertise in the podcasting industry & of supporting thought leaders to develop & succeed. Read more

[James Miller] Why Multi- Tasking Doesn’t Get Great Results

Time is precious. So many people feel under huge pressure to achieve more in less time. Many believe that multi-tasking is the answer even though research tells us that less than 2% of people can truly multi-task. As leaders the issue becomes even more critical as the moment we multi-task our roles our efficiency & efficacy is diminished. My guest James Miller provides ways to be more specific & intentional in one’s role as a leader, Join us as we help you make the most of your time. Read more

[Dr Elizabeth Haywood] Courage And Resilience In Leadership

In today’s episode we explore the many themes from Elizabeth Haywood’s novel “Lucy: Ultimate Survivor”: slavery, the role of women in society, being the leader in your own life in challenging circumstances. The title of the book says it all – it is about a woman taking control of her own life, showing COURAGE and RESILIENCE to do so. Whatever life throws at her, Lucy gets up and goes on fighting. Everyone has something in life that nearly crushed them – so they can relate to Lucy’s story. Read more

[Dean Piper] How To Share Your Message Effectively

Finding your authentic voice and making it heard is important for us all but all to often people feel inhibited in speaking and sharing their truth. Communicating effectively is at the heart of every positive relationship – personal and professional. For those in business or who wish to make a difference to many it is vital to harness the power of the media. Join Dean Piper and I share our insights into speaking your truth and sharing your message effectively and widely with others. Read more

[Benn Abdy Collins] Living With Loss In The Broadest Terms

Life brings with it so many challenges including loss. Dealing with loss can be difficult yet all of us are likely to experience loss in one form or another: bereavement, facing serious illness or disability yours or someone you care about, the loss of a job, lifestyle or dream.. Yet life goes on & it is our decision whether to survive or to thrive. Today Benn Abdy-Collins (The Listening Guy) & I explore how it is possible to find the strength to deal with loss, to go on & to embrace life fully. Read more

[Brandon Beachum] Unlocking Infinite Abundance

Are you living the life you desire? In today’s episode I and my guest Brandon Beachum focus on how it is entirely possible to live a highly successful and abundant life. Brandon speaks openly and candidly about spirituality and entrepreneurship, and how the two worlds coalesce. His charisma and enthusiasm are infectious, and his ability to distil profound wisdom into practical and grounded advice is refreshing. Read more

[Thomas Power] Are You Getting The Support You Need?

400 years ago John Donne wrote “No Man is an island” he recognised that what we can be & achieve in isolation is limited. When we reach out & engage with others, asking for & giving support we can develop & grow as individuals, teams, organisations & as a society. It is in working together that we find amazing solutions. My guest Thomas Power & I explore how having the right support based on mutual trust & respect can make all the difference to succeeding consistently in business & in life. Read more

[Mitali Deypurkaystha] Harnessing The Author Within You

Each of us has a story to tell so why is it important for entrepreneurs and business people to share theirs? In todays’ episode I and Mitali Deypurkaystha (The Authority Creator) explore how becoming an author is so powerful. Think of all the things which had you known them would have saved you time, money, frustration and heartache. Such information has so much to offer others. It creates greater credibility and authority for you and can provide a passive income. Time to get writing! Read more
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