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This time last week I was enjoying the extremely well organised UK Business Awards (thanks to all the staff there). I was one of the five judges tasked to pick the winner of the Inspirational Leader category.

I absolutely loved the day – tiring though it was, but in every way the best sort of tired! To listen to so many clever and dedicated people who are putting their heart and soul into their work - grafting to create a better way, to motivate their teams and to do their absolute best every day – well it was an inspirational time.

A big congratulations has to go to the winner – Helen Gillett from Affinity for Business who stood out as a person who deeply cares about her team and works hard to bring her whole-self into her leadership role.

In fact, *all* of the finalists in this category have achieved many great and wonderful things. It may be cliched to say, but each and every one of them is most definitely a winner to have been listed as a finalist.

But now the glitz and glamour of the event is over. Life is returning to ‘normal’ and the social media posts and “attention” of followers is moving on to other things. Nevertheless, these businesses and individuals – and indeed all of us – still have to keep going. Getting an award is thrilling, a fantastic validation and gift. It doesn’t, however, change the day to day reality of what it takes to make a positive impact on this world of ours.

So, whilst giving a heartfelt congratulations to the finalists that I had the sincere pleasure to judge, I also want to acknowledge each and every one of *you* who are regularly turning up, day in, day out and leading your teams with care, heart and compassion. If you are working to make your team happier, able to work easier and produce more, bringing the whole of yourself to your work and facing your fears, then you too are inspirational. I want you to hear my acknowledgment of the work and effort you are putting in to be a better leader.

But of course – if you fancy having a day of glitz and glamour and the chance to hold your very own trophy, just like Helen got to do, well then why not consider entering the UK Business Awards 2020.

Be an enlightened leader and make it the default approach, rather than the exception!

Gina x

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