Described by Ofsted as an “inspirational leader” and by Investors in People as an “impressive coach and exceptional mentor who has developed an innovative and exemplary training scheme”, it is no surprise that Gina Gardiner is one of the UK’s most respected educators in the field of human potential.

“There is no reason why other leaders cannot achieve the same benefits as I have, without experiencing the consequences of my accident”

Gina’s particular area of expertise is maximising leadership through personal and professional development. Inspiring delegates to widen their outlook, she strongly believes in taking on effective methods of problem solving, making the most of your team and ultimately leading a healthier and more successful life by finding a balance between work and time for family, friends and personal fulfillment.

With 20 years experience as a primary school Head Teacher, at which time she was acknowledged as Head of one of Ofsted’s ‘Best Schools’ twice and on the HMI Honours list, Gina has a portfolio containing a wealth of achievement in leadership and management and is familiar with the formidable yet rewarding experience of being at the top. However, her concept of seeing things in a new way is something she herself was forced to discover the hard way when a ski accident in February 1983 gradually took its toll on her mobility, leaving her wheelchair bound by 1989.

A Head Teacher of a primary school at the time, Gina looks back on how she continued her leadership role, “I loved my job but I had to consider the affects my circumstances would have on the school children and my staff,” Gina explains, “If I was to continue I knew I had to change my way of thinking. My injuries affected my energy levels and mobility and being in a wheelchair limited my access to the classrooms, so in order to overcome these challenges I had to strategically plan to find longer term solutions and make the most of my staff. Strategic thinking and effective training and delegation saved time, money and energy – as a team we were ahead of the game and as an individual, it actually made me a far better leader.”

Along with a career in leadership, Gina is also an inspirational author, a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a qualified coach. In all areas of her speaking, consultancy, training and coaching, she teaches that anyone can create and sustain amazing change and incredible results in any part of their life in a relatively short period of time, if they are prepared to open their mind to the possibility of a different way of thinking and being.

Despite the affects of her accident, Gina believes that the quality of life is determined by the quality of our thoughts. Although her mobility is now improving, she continues to use her approach to help others in leadership and management roles; “I’d like to think I would have been as good a leader anyway but my circumstances have certainly promoted a highly effective approach to leadership which has proved just as successful in other organisations that I’ve worked with as it did in my own. There is no reason why other leaders cannot achieve the same benefits as I have, without experiencing the consequences of my accident.”

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