About Recovering Workaholics


Recovering Workaholics was an organization set up for those of us who have proved ourselves to be very successful in our career but realize that work simply isn't enough. It is designed for people who are used to being in high- powered positions and have concentrated on building a career rather than a life.

Recovering Workaholics was created by me - Gina Gardiner - who is a self-confessed recovering workaholic.

The name is a bit of fun, not designed to be treated as a diagnosis, rather recognizing the need for there to be a commitment to break long entrenched work habits which allow little time for having a truly well-balanced life.

As part of a research project on "Modelling Excellence," I decided to model those who had a truly great work-life balance. Initial research proved difficult as people who had truly created a great work-life balance seemed as rare as the Giant Panda.

You can read a summary of the Research Findings about Workaholics.

The result - the setting up Recovering Workaholics. We launched the idea at a focus group to see if the concept resonated with others. We were stunned at the level of media interest. It appears we have hit a nerve.

We were featured in the Daily and Weekend Telegraph, BBC Scotland, City AM, New Talk 106 (Ireland), Gracia Magazine (Italy) and The Peoples' Daily (Beijing).

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