Gina believes that anyone can create amazing change and incredible results in any area of their life in a relatively short period of time, if they are prepared to get a little uncomfortable, see old things in a new way, and open their mind and their heart to a different way of thinking and being.

Gina Gardiner is one of the UK’s respected motivational speakers and educators. She is a highly sought-after coach (both corporately and in the private sector) and is considered to be a leading life coach and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development. Working with hundreds of teams, companies, organisations and individuals over the last thirty years has given Gina a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables. Gina has an ability to educate, inspire, challenge and make you laugh all at the same time!

Gina can tailor a presentation, workshop or program to suit the needs of your organisation, in terms of content, aims and duration. While she delivers everything from fifteen minute ‘pep talks’ to two-day, life-changing, live-in programs, the majority of her work comes in the form of thirty to ninety minute keynote corporate addresses.

If you want you or your business or organisation to be like everyone else, then do what everyone else does. If you want it to be exceptional, then do something exceptional and let Gina inspire you and your audience.

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