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What does it really mean to be an Enlightened Leader?

We are currently surrounded at every stratum of society by examples of leadership which is anything but enlightened. The cost of poor leadership is high and far-reaching and affects us all. It is time for a change, a paradigm shift is required if we are to stem the tsunami of stress, depression, and anxiety which is being created as a result of leadership which is based on ego, division, and fear.

Enlightened leaders lead with integrity, compassion, and heart. They have done the deep inner work on themselves and know themselves well. They have mastered their inner thoughts and emotions and are honest with themselves. They know their strengths and understand that personal development is a life- long activity and are thoroughly engaged in self-reflection and ongoing growth. Enlightened Leaders recognise the power of creativity and intuition and harness both. They know that intentions alone – however purposeful they maybe - are not enough, they engage in purposeful action and achieve the desired results but do this with integrity. 

Enlightened Leaders understand that to lead others successfully you must first lead yourself. They know it is important to achieve self-mastery, to develop the awareness and the capacity to consistently walk your talk and embody the principles and behaviours you want from others.

Enlightened Leaders recognise, nurture others supporting them so that they fulfill their potential. They have a strong sense of purpose and wish to make a positive difference.

The journey to Enlightenment is challenging – no one can do the inner work for you, but I can share with you my journey, the principles and strategies I used myself and have since shared with others to get to the answers and to achieve success.

So, what does Enlightened Leadership mean to you? Please join and share your thoughts in The Enlightened Leadership Linked In Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12289190/

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