Debbie DiPietro:               Welcome to Courageously Go, where we will venture to places we’ve been afraid to go. Women of the world, we are going to start a movement, a movement towards courage. Hello everyone, this is Debbie DiPietro and I am your host for Courageously Go, and I’m so glad you’re here. Our mission is this: to facilitate a global conversation about courage. I believe that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams and a better world for all are truly possible, no matter our age or circumstances. We never need to feel stuck or alone.

So, I have a very special guest today, and I’m excited about introducing her to all of you. Her name is Gina Gardiner, and Gina, she is a number one international best-selling author, motivational speaker, empowerment and relationship coach, and transformational leadership trainer, with well over 30 years of experience helping people experience happiness, success, and fulfillment. She’s the founder of the Thrive Together Tribe Membership and Personal and Spiritual Development program.

Gina has learned to walk twice as an adult. For over 20 years, she ran her award-winning school, for the most part from a wheelchair. The gift of this experience was the development of a unique approach to life, and the development of leadership. In 2004, Gina left Headship and has since worked with countless individuals, couples, teams, and organizations helping them to step into their potential, to learn the lessons from the past, and to recognize that it is their choice to step into their power and live a fearless life.

Gina is passionate about supporting people to live a truly happy, successful, and fulfilling life. Gina, welcome to Courageously Go.

Gina Gardiner:                  Thank you. I’m so pleased to be here and excited to be with you. Thank you very much, indeed.

Debbie DiPietro:               Well thank you for joining us, and it sounds like … I’ve never met you and I don’t know you well yet, but it sounds like you and I have a lot in common. We’re kind of on the same page here, so I’m excited to learn more about you and what you’re up to. So, with the new year, what are you excited about for 2019?

Gina Gardiner:                  2019 is all about developing the membership group, which is a place where people can be a part of like-minded group who want life to be better. There’s a structured program to help people step into their power, to be truly confident, and I’m really excited because for me this is about developing the spiritual matriarchs of tomorrow, or today really, and the world has never needed it more.


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