Dreading Christmas? Part 11


Planning A Successful Christmas: FORGIVING OTHERS

Forgiveness is an incredible gift to give, and what better time to give a gift than at Christmas time!

Bearing a grudge or holding on to the hurt is like giving yourself the poison and expecting the other person to suffer. No matter how dreadful the experience has been, it is you who suffers the agonies that are created by not dealing with the issues and learning to forgive.

The perpetrator of the abuse, the injustice, the hurt, is at best blithely oblivious to the internal suffering that is going on within you, or at worst, simply doesn’t care. Sadly the outcome is that not only has your past been blighted by the situation but your present is coloured by the baggage you carry. The sad thing is that unless you choose to do something differently your future will be clouded by it too. The emotional chains which bind you to that past situation, keep you imprisoned just as surely as if you were a prisoner in manacles. Forgiveness is the key to the lock that binds those chains to you.

Many people believe that in order to forgive, you have to forget what has happened. They feel that letting go diminishes the significance of the hurt. That belief simply isn’t the case. Forgiving someone requires you to let go of the hold they have over you. It enables you to own and take control of your own power and of the quality of your future.

Of course you won’t forget what happened, nor should you, as it is a part of the life experience that makes you who you are. It is vital that you recognise that if you are reading this blog you are a survivor! You have grown the strength to get through things and are still here to tell the tale.

Benefits of Forgiving Others

By forgiving them, you stop focussing on them and the past. This enables you to begin the healing process. It offers you the opportunity to heal and move on with your life. It isn’t an instant process but little by little, step by step you can learn to own who you are when you become authentically and genuinely you. An amazing, powerful being who has choices!

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