Dreading Christmas? Part 7


Planning A Successful Christmas: HELP OTHERS TO HELP YOURSELF

Relationships are the most difficult things to manage for most people at any time of the year. Somehow emotions are accentuated at Christmas. Those who are optimistic and happy seem to thrive, and those who are unhappy, lonely and fed up dread the approaching holidays.

Doing random acts of kindness, which come with no expectation of anything in return is a powerful way to help you feel good at this time of year.

These acts of kindness don’t have to cost any money. Letting a car into the flow of traffic, holding a door open, or helping someone carry a suitcase up the stairs are simple ways to start.

However, at Christmas there is ample opportunity to take part in schemes that will help you to bring comfort to others. Make no mistake they offer the helper as much as the person who is helped.


Tony Robbins runs a Christmas Basket scheme. People come together to provide a basket with everything needed to cook a great Christmas dinner including the turkey, veg, pudding and crackers, small gifts for the children. I was involved in a distribution day in London when I lived close by. We assembled and decorated the baskets and then went to deliver them to families who had been nominated by the authorities. The families had no idea they were on the list or who had provided the gift. Inside the parcel was a simple message “Merry Christmas – with love xxx”

It was an incredible feeling as we saw the faces of the people answering the door. Their smiles and thanks said it all.

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