Dreading Christmas? Part 8


Planning A Successful Christmas: HOME ALONE?

Spending Christmas on your own can be really daunting. There is nothing quite like knowing everyone is having a great time with each other to make you feel really lonely.

Ultimately what you do about it is your choice.

You can choose to be fed up and miserable, or you can take action to make this Christmas feel very different.

If you decide to spend it on your own rather than focusing on the lack and loneliness, how about seeing it as a personal retreat.

  • Plan out your time
  • Choose to cook and eat all your favourite things
  • Pamper yourself
  • Have videos or books you fancy enjoying on hand to look forward to

It is your mind set which will make the difference. You can choose to enjoy the freedom to do just as you would like, not having to negotiate what to watch on the television or what to eat. Or you could choose to seek the companionship of others.

If you’d rather spend it with others there are a number of options.

  1. Invite others who are on their own to spend Christmas with you. There are bound to be neighbours or work friends who have nothing planned and no where to go. If everyone brings a contribution towards the meal it doesn’t need to cost any more than it would if you were on your own. Ask everyone to bring a small gift for someone in the party. You will be surprised how great it can be if things are planned and co-ordinated. As you are hosting it, you can decide how big or small a group you want to invite and what shape you want the day to take.
  2. Another alternative is to identify a local charitable scheme that needs help at Christmas. One example is those who provide meals and support for the homeless at Christmas. Everyone I know who has taken part in such a scheme has found it to be not only a thoroughly fulfilling experience but surprisingly enjoyable.
  3. Make contact with a local home for the elderly or disabled, adopt a granny and make their Christmas special. I know from personal experience that acting as a volunteer is an incredibly rewarding activity at any time of the year. Lots of animal shelters are crying out for help in feeding, cleaning out and simply socialising with the animals in their care.

There is the potential to make friends through your voluntary work which is an extra bonus. The important thing is that you take action to create a new approach to an old problem.

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