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Welcome to the Thriving Not Surviving radio show with Gina Gardiner. My guest today is Charles McLachlan, and our topic is "taking control of your 2nd half career."

Charles McLachlan is the founder of FuturePerfect. Growing people and growing businesses are his passions. He works with leaders to transform their organisations and break through their personal barriers to success.  He is convinced that a leader who fails to invest in personal growth will hold back their team and their business, so he now brings his passions to FuturePerfect and the Growth Academies that he runs. But most importantly, he will help you find joy, freedom and reward in your working life.  Since 2002, he has been living a portfolio executive workstyle, directly supporting a number of other businesses as a part-time member of the management team and now offers this opportunity to others through the Portfolio Executive Growth Academy. He brings 30+ years of experience of developing and growing business: start-ups to global organisations. For example he worked to grow an international IT services consultancy for Andersen (now Deloitte), partner in 2001, built two companies from scratch and supported two others into the Tech FastTrack 100 and now offers his insight to others through the CEO Growth Academies he runs.

**and in the second half of the show, I have a "Genuine Chat", alongside my good friend, author Rachel Davidson. In today's show our topic is 'Dealing with Abuse'.**

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