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Welcome to the Thriving Not Surviving radio show with Gina Gardiner. My guest today is Julie Reisler, and our topic is "How to tune into your intuition to be your 'You-est' You."

Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker and Podcat Host, Julie works with and coaches big-hearted, high-achiever soul seekers. She is all about helping you to tune into your intuition to be your 'You-est' You. Julie is the author of the 'Get a PhD in YOU' book series, is a multi-time TEDx speaker, host of the You-est You podcast and mindfulness teacher on the popular app, Insight Time, with over 115k downloads. Julie is currently on her 3rd book 'baby', due to be published in autumn 2020. Julie has a master's degree in health and wellness coaching, more than twelve certifications in mindset, mindfulness and wellbeing and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program. You can learn how to use your intuitive superpowers in Julie's free You-est You Community for Soul Seekers on Facebook.

**and in the second half of the show, I have a "Genuine Chat", alongside my good friend, author Rachel Davidson. In today's show our topic is "Being a good team member"


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