Today's Genuine Chat is inspired by the week-long "Faith in the World" programme that is running on the BBC at the moment. The general theme of the week is to celebrate being single. This is a growing demographic feature of our society, with 40% of the population in the UK ticking this box and reporting a sense of greater happiness and abundance because of it. This topic is of particular interest to me, as a long-term singleton I have a perspective on this subject that perhaps many of you watching and listening to this chat might not have. There are many reasons for being single in life - many of them transitional phases - and if you are genuinely happier when living life on your own then that is definitely something worth celebrating. But, many, if not most, of my clients - and I believe it is true of people at large - express a deeply held instinct to find a partner who can share their lives with them. So we're going to have a chat about this - and I would love to know what is your view on this?


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