Genuinely You TV Show - Episode 3 out now


I’ve just made the third episode of The Genuinely You Show available to view for those who have completed the free sign-up. This episode deals with the subject of beliefs. Its title is “Beliefs - Do Yours Limit Or Empower You?"

I love this topic, because it can be so easy to get stuck in an emotional ‘prison’ by holding beliefs that limit you. It is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself!

I know because I do it to myself too!

I nearly didn’t go ahead with the opportunity to go to Los Angeles and record these TV shows and do lots of other media appearances, because of limiting beliefs that I had about myself. Beliefs that the journey would be too much for me (my back injury still makes the occasional use of a wheelchair necessary) or that I wouldn’t fit in, or that my words would dry up when I was caught in the terrifying gaze of a TV camera!

But these were all limiting beliefs and fears.

Luckily, I have done a lot of work to be able to recognise these popping up and I have techniques to allow myself to move past them.

  • You too can decide to release yourself from the prison of your limiting beliefs? Fancy getting out on parole? I have the key to your freedom.
  • Know how your current beliefs could be condemning you to a life sentence of unhappiness, isolation and fear.
  • Discover the most important pathway to confidence and fulfilment and why those who harness it, live an extraordinary life.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of poor self-worth and lack of confidence and embrace a life full of confidence and purpose.
  • Do you believe you are a failure and worthless, or do you believe you are successful and worthwhile? Either way, you’re right!

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Get watching and learn how to ensure your beliefs lead you to a life of confidence and fulfilment.

With heart

Gina x

P.S. While you catch up with all the available episodes, did you know that I have an entirely free course called "The 7 Principles"?

All 7 videos are only about half an hour long in total (so only slightly longer than a Genuinely You Show episode), but understanding these 7 Principles is a very easy way to build a solid foundation for some of the strategies and themes I'm going to touch on in the following episodes.

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