Gina Gardiner’s ability to educate, excite, challenge and make her audience laugh has inspired many.

“Once we start to change how we see ourselves, we start to change our reality.”

From strategic planning and effective delegation to solution finding and making the most of team members, over the past 30 years Gina’s sessions have proved to be an inspiration to hundreds of individuals, small companies and larger organisations, helping middle and senior managers fulfil their personal and professional potential.

Promoting change through self-awareness, Gina uses strategies and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with inspiring real life experiences which leave people motivated by her ‘can do’ culture and better equipped to deal with any challenging issues life may throw at them.

She says, “The biggest obstacle to our success is not our life situation, environment, education, genetics, time availability, parental support, bank balance or God-given talent – it’s US, our attitude, our thinking, our destructive habits, our excuses, our procrastination, our inability to make significant decisions, our amazing ability to blame, our fears, our pride, our ego, our apathy and our belief. It’s not about what’s going on around us; it’s about what’s going on within us. Once we start to change how we think and how we see ourselves, we start to change our reality. This is the catalyst for effective change.”

Gina’s particular area of expertise is maximising leadership potential, working with those in managerial positions, their team members and newly appointed graduates. All speeches, workshops and programs are tailored to the needs of individual organisations.

Her commitment to deliver the best advice and training activities to a wide range of business sectors is evident from her portfolio of clients which have ranged from local government and schools to well-known organisations such as the National Health Service, Microsoft and Capita.

If you want your business to reach its potential, let Gina inspire you and your audience.

The choice includes a keynote motivational speech, facilitated workshop training programme or a programme of one to one or group workshops.

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