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Life without inspiration would be extremely flat and underwhelming. So what is inspiration? What role does it play? Why is it so important?

I believe that inspiration is the key which opens us to a life full of greater possibilities. 

We can be inspired by nature – a fabulous sunset, mountains on a sunny day, a beautiful garden showing a panoply of colour and texture. The list is as varied as nature itself.

People are a rich source of inspiration – those who fight against the odds and come out stronger, people  who give of themselves and offer service to others, those best in their field, who challenge the boundaries, children or adults doing something they love or learning something new.

Inspiration also comes from within. When we allow ourselves to step into our power, to centre ourselves and dream, the results are truly inspiring. Without such creativity, insights and courage we would still be living in caves. Inspiration provides the strength and tenacity to keep going even when life is tough.

I am inspired by many things but this incident had the most profound impact on my life, I believe it might inspire you too. 

I attended a course where participants were invited to complete a fire walk over hot coals in bare feet; In the right frame of mind – no burns. Prior to the walk I had heard about another course being run in San Francisco. I really wanted to go but I dismissed the idea because I didn’t think I could manage travelling on my own in my wheelchair.

I was thrilled to manage the walk with help. I turned around to see a man who was a double amputee do a handstand out of his wheelchair and complete the walk on his hands.

I was inspired to book the course in America. I traveled on my own, had a fabulous time and since then I’ve traveled widely to courses in both North and South America, my horizons have been widened. If I had not seen this un-named man walk on his hands I would never have challenged myself in the same way.

I believe inspiration has the capacity to lift our spirits, to give us confidence that something we find challenging is within our grasp. It gives a sense of awe and wonder and opens up our world.

Are you open to being inspired? Are you inspiring others?

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