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Part 1

Modelling excellence is recognised world- wide as one of the best ways to lean. Learning from a Master enables you to take a short cut from novice to expert and Leo is an expert in switching off from the world and relaxing. The parallels between him and those of us with high powered jobs are surprisingly close.

How many of you spend your time rushing around desperately trying to reduce your "To Do" list, being reactive and chasing your tail? Leo may have a very different motivation but he too rushes chasing his tail and anything else that moves.

The difference comes when it's time to switch off. Leo just comes to a complete stop. He lets go of every concern, yawns and as he stretches every bit of tension leaves his body and he either curls up or stretches full out and falls asleep as you can see from the photos.  Whilst many of us find it hard to switch off from our work or our worries and find our down time eroded.

How many of you pretend you are leaving work behind but spend the evening doing emails, checking on social media and texting?  Do you actually leave your work at work and fully engage with your partner or your children? How many times do you say "I’ll just finish this.... " or "Five more minutes."  Research has shown that those who find it difficult to switch off from work pay the price personally and as a family. Insomnia, inability to concentrate, raised stress levels are just a few of the problems which are exacerbated by not being able to chill out and let go.

Learning From Leo– Switching Off From The Rat Race Part 2

So how can you learn the essence of the lesson Leo offers in relaxing without giving yourself a slipped disc or a hernia?  I find it incredibly ironic that we talk about switching off from work yet rarely do the clients I meet who are struggling to sleep and relax use the Off Switch on their phones or computers.  It is actually a really simple solution but it works.

One of my clients is the Senior Director of two very successful companies agreed to try it for a fortnight. The benefits were huge. He slept better and had lots more energy as a result. He and his wife spent quality time really talking to one another rather than them both in the same room but fully focused on an electronic gadget, her on Face Book and he on the computer. His two little girls were thrilled to have Dad available and fully present.

Interestingly there was no negative impact on his work load as he found that he was more focused at work during the day. It was a win - win all round.

 The boundaries between work and home have become completely eroded in modern times. Bosses and colleagues now expect to be able to contact others in the team 24/7. It is a culture which has significant consequences for health, relationships and family life.

So give yourself a break - literally and metaphorically. Be fully and engaged and present at work but give yourself the time and space to relax and regroup. If you find it hard to switch off get some help. Your physical and emotional well- being are incredibly important and you are worth it.

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