Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

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You know that phrase, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”? How do you feel about it? Do you think of it as a mantra to jump into life and give it a go, or do you think of it as an excuse for why you behaved recklessly?

You see I had a coaching client the other day who was definitely using it as the latter and frankly it got me thinking.

Because, up until that moment, I have always thought of the phrase as being an extremely positive reminder that to get out of life what you want, well then you have to begin the venture. Or the adventure as you might say!

There are many people who think that having a positive mental attitude and dreaming or believing hard will get them their big successful life. Well, belief and positivity and dreams are definitely all part of it. But the real secret is the effort you put in. The ventures that you commit to doing and then get busy doing them.

Because activity, action, getting stuff done is actually the way you build your dreams. 

Oh, it can be hard for sure. To keep toiling away. Keep picking oneself up from the knock-backs, big and small. But that is what is necessary.

I have a huge vision and mission for my business; by 2023 I want to have positively impacted a million people. I want to have helped them to step into their authentic, genuine power, to feel self-confident, find their true purpose and feel fulfilled.

It’s a great goal and I passionately believe in it.

BUT! I will only achieve this by venturing to work diligently and consistently at helping one person at a time.

On a daily basis I think and act in order to radically transform the life of one person.

So, let’s just go back to that particular individual, my recent client who was using the phrase “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, accompanies with a shrug of the shoulders, as a way to justify slightly ill-thought-out behaviour. Well, the only ‘mistake’ they were really making was being unclear about what it was they valued and held dear in life.

Here was my advice – be clear on what you want to achieve and why and then spend each day venturing to build that reality so that you give yourself the best possibility of gaining all of your dreams.

Good luck!


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