Are You Facing Retirement? or
Have you recently retired and found the transition difficult?

Does the thought of retirement fill you with excitement and anticipation? or 
Do you dread the thought of giving up your job?

Do you have so many things on your list of things to do you don’t know how you are going to fit them all in? or 
Have you been so busy working you have had no time for interests and hobbies?
Who are you when you are not working? 
Have you been what you do for so long you have lost the real you?

Retirement is one of the biggest life changes we face.

For many, it is the moment they have been dreaming of for years, 
For others, it seems more like a nightmare.

The truth is, we must all face retirement eventually. The important thing is that you prepare for retirement and during the transition, allow yourself to make the very most out of your life.

Are happiness and fulfilment your life goals? Why settle for anything less?

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