Some stress is good for you

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As I type, I am getting into position behind my very own judging panel table, ready to judge a succession of hopeful people who are no doubt deeply anxious and stressed by the whole occasion!

I am obviously not judging a dancing competition (that probably didn't need clarifying for those of you who know me!), no, no. I *am* judging the #InspirationalLeaders category in the UK Business Awards 2019. The awards day and ceremony are being held today in London and the finalists all have to line up and do a final presentation to me and my fellow judges.

It is a glamorous and high prestige event - so nerves are going to be jangling and stress levels will be high. And those are just mine!

This is a serious point I want to make - because being on the "safe" side of the table is still stressful and anxiety-inducing. That's because I want to do my very best for the contestants. I want to say the most helpful thing to them all and give of my best. I also know how nervous they each will be.

But this is good stress! This is the kind of stress that we all need to have a bit of in our lives. Getting pushed out of our respective comfort zones, testing our courage and risking something. It will make your heart race, give you sweaty palms and a dry mouth - just as if you were facing a dangerous situation. This sort of experience is always worthwhile doing.

However, in the week that the world has been celebrating #InternationalStressAwarenessWeek I do have to acknowledge that feeling this way on an ongoing, chronic basis is not so good - in fact it is well known that it will lead to illness and dis-ease.

Stress is something that an #EnlightenedLeader needs to be aware of within themselves and within their team. Learning the values and behaviours to allow yourself and your team members to step into their individual powers and bring their whole selves into their work is an excellent way of ensuring that overall the level of stress felt is kept to a sensible "fun" level.

That's what I hope each of the finalists will say about the judging process in the UK Business Awards today - that it was a fun and exciting thing to have been through and that the stress of it was worthwhile and informative.

Wish me and all the contestants the best of luck and good-nerves.

Gina x

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