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Jane is in her first leadership role. She thought she would love it; it is what she has worked so hard for – this promotion was meant to be her greatest achievement. But the day to day reality of leading her team isn’t feeling like that. In fact, Jane is beginning to wonder how she can reconcile what she feels is important in life with how her employer expects her to behave. Jane is beginning to think that she has to choose between sacrificing herself and keeping the job or losing it. How did it get like this? Does it always have to feel like this?

Is this you?

Do you feel that being a leader means packing away your personal values? Do you feel that you’re acting out a leadership role that isn’t you, that you’re going to be ‘found-out’ as the imposter that you secretly believe yourself to be, or that you have to steel yourself for the working day ahead?

It doesn’t have to be like that!

Leadership can be one of the most enlightening and positive experiences of life! Leadership can see you achieve wonderful things together with your colleagues. Leadership performed well can definitely improve everyone’s life.

But many leadership training courses miss the most fundamental foundation stones of how to become a great leader – they forget that great leaders bring themselves wholly and fully to the role. The statistics on the long-term effect of leadership courses demonstrate the inherent weakness – only 5% of the new-learning is still being acted upon six months afterward.

I believe that great leaders do not separate themselves from their leadership. I believe great leaders are enlightened to the value that being their genuine selves at all times – not just at home – brings to their ability to inspire and lead others. I believe that great leaders are consciously awake to the need to be the best version of themselves they can be – their highest selves.

Do you feel that way too?

Let me know what you think makes the best leader - or the worst leader - in the comments below.


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